Helping our Community

We are wanting to partner with a local charity this season and would LOVE to hear from all of you on which you would like to see us help support.  Please leave your suggestions below or email us…we will be announcing next week which we are going to choose!  Thanks everyone!!

2 thoughts on “Helping our Community

  1. I love that you are giving back to the community! You are very thoughtful and generous. Any organization would be lucky to have your support. I give to Girl Scouts or Ronald McDonald House. Locally it would be nice to help with the fund raising on playground in Dublin or any nursing home patient. This time of year is really hard on the patients that do not have families to come and visit them. Grandview Pharmacy had a tree of patients and most of there requests were heart breaking… a warm blanket, socks, pajamas, health care items. I also know the Golay Center had a tree up last year with children you could choose to help. (Can you tell I have been looking for a place to help too? LOL) Hope this helps and I am looking forward to our visit in a few hours. :)

  2. I am trying to help a dear friend of mine raise money to make his daughters five year old sistes dream come true. A couple weeks ago they found an egg sized tumor near her brain stem and gave her eighteen months to live. On aaverage make a wish foundation spends seven thousand dollars per wish. A fund in her honor for make a wish foundation has been set up at Greenfield Banking. Would like to raise enough to fund her wish plus some. Five thousand is the goal by March. Let me know if this interests you.

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